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Package job search

The first job-hunting program in North America, one-time payment, valid for life. Unlimited online live broadcast + offline + screen recording repeated learning, unlimited 1-to-1 resume modification, unlimited 1-to-1 mock interviews, to help you conquer all test sites for software engineer interviews in first-tier technology companies, until job seekers get the most satisfactory offer until. Currently, the monthly quota is limited to no more than 10 people, providing all CS job-related services, including but not limited to: school application, major selection, course selection, professional transfer consultation, immigration policy, legal and regulatory consultation that affects job search, Resume revision, polish, improvement, resume content preparation, interview questions and answers preparation, training and practice, mock interview, guidance on how to get an interview, interview review, psychological counseling, internal recruitment news and materials of each company, talk about offers, help review Or write key Emails, New Hire pit avoidance guide, technical questions at work, promotion strategy planning, Layoff emergency consultation, etc. Among them, the basic round of the interview questions and answers preparation training part is 12 weeks, and it takes about 500 hours, including about 105 hours of algorithm training, 56 hours of algorithm strengthening, and about 45 hours of Java, OOD, System Design training, About 30 hours of OOD, about 30 hours of System Design, about 30 hours of Project Project, about 18 hours of interview topics for major companies including behavior questions, and about 48 hours of Java basic data structure training. Our purpose is to get the offer, not the training itself. Students who have participated in other training courses but have not received the offer are welcome to consult and sign up. We have the most professional tutors and job-seeking consultants for one-on-one guidance, and strive to gather professional knowledge and practical skills to help you in every step of job search, entry and promotion.
Project duration:

Life time

Registration time:

Consult anytime

Registration requirements:

Audition and pass the entrance exam

Project Flow

Free trial + level assessment + background consultation

Accept Dagong's consultation and instructor evaluation, conduct a one-week free intensive special training, complete the background test, and become an official Dagong person who is ready to go ashore

Intensive training for interview questions

The training schedule is from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm from Monday to Friday, and from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm from Saturday to Sunday. Three months are one round. After the previous round, you can continue to the next round until you get your own. Until you are satisfied with the offer, in case of layoff, you can come back at any time to continue

Interview preparation and coordination have received an offer

Biggong's senior engineers will provide guidance on school selection, interview preparation, resume revision, Mock Interview, OA, telephone interview, online interview, help you coordinate offers with the company, etc. As long as you need help, Dagong tutors are always here Provide services and accompany you to get your favorite offer.

Onboarding guidance + promotion counseling + Layoff emergency assistance

Senior software engineers provide post-employment on boarding guidance for job seekers, answer technical problems encountered at work, plan promotion strategies, provide emergency assistance after Layoff, and congratulate job seekers on their successful landing

Program features

Biggong Technology is a job-seeking consulting and training company dedicated to helping Chinese in the United States find ideal software engineer positions. We maintain a record of 1:1 between the number of students and the number of offers all the year round. We look for job projects through VIP packages, teach students according to their aptitude, tailor-made study and job search plans for each student, and help every job seeker to gain their favorite frontline in the shortest possible time. Technology company OFFER, helping students become the first-tier technology companies in Silicon Valley! We have the most professional tutors and job-seeking consultants to provide one-on-one counseling for students, update the question bank resources in real time, and strive to collect professional knowledge, resume modification, interview simulation and other practical skills needed to help you in every job search, entry, and promotion. step. We provide unlimited repeated training; we never stop until we get the offer from our favorite first-tier company, and after we get the offer from our favorite first-tier company, we move on!

Silicon Valley senior engineer full coaching

Dagong's tutors have experience in first-line technology companies, and are proficient in the interview process and methods of first-line technology companies, so as to provide students with optimal job search planning and guidance

Whole-process worry-free service

The single-round training duration of Dagongbao's job-hunting project is 12 weeks. The system is complete and the content is rich, which effectively strengthens the strength of students, enriches resumes, and enhances competitiveness.

Online and offline, efficient counseling

The project provides online live interaction and unlimited screen recording and playback. With offline learning rooms, it provides a high-quality learning environment and face-to-face consultation, allowing students to do more with less.

Small class training, one-on-one guidance

The tutor-student ratio is 1:3, and the senior engineers and interviewers of the first-line major factories provide unlimited one-on-one guidance to help students master exclusive interview skills and overcome the OFFER of major factories.

Enjoy quick appointments and teach students in...

Biggong has a complete tutor + teaching assistant reservation system. Students can freely choose tutors or teaching assistants according to their own needs for 1 on 1 tutoring, resume modification, mock interviews, etc.

One-time payment, valid for life

The project covers high-quality content such as algorithm, OOD, System Design, industrial-level projects, interview simulation, job search guidance, etc., and you can study repeatedly until you are satisfied with the first-line company offer. Average learning time: 7 months (during the epidemic

Common problem

Is my background suitable for Techbow job search services and training?

Biggong job search services and training are aimed at all students who want to become software engineers or who are willing to transcode, so whether you are a CS, EE student, students who want to transcode in other majors, or job seekers who want to change jobs or be laidoff, Big bows welcome you to join us. Furthermore, Dagong provides basic programming guidance and entry planning for zero-based customers to help zero-based job seekers lay a solid software foundation. According to the internal statistics of Dagong Technology, there are many Dagong customers who are zero-based job seekers, but they can still get satisfactory offers with the help of Dagong and successfully land on the shore.

What is Dagong's job search service and interview preparation, and how does it help job seekers get an offer from FLAG?

Biggong's job-hunting project runs through every step of "finding a job" and "post-job", and strives to overcome all difficulties in the job search for software engineers in first-tier technology companies. Our expertise is algorithm interview question training, sparring practice, System Design, OOD, and the daily updated question bank makes it easy for job seekers to systematically brush questions. In addition, our tutors will lead job seekers to complete basic and advanced projects, assist with code reviews, and conduct resume revisions and interview simulations. Even after the job seeker gets an offer, Dagong mentor will continue to strive for better offers for the job seeker by helping the job seeker write emails and make phone calls with HR. With the help of Dagong, job seekers have a certain chance to increase their basic salary by several thousand or even tens of thousands, while the sign on bonus and relocation fee need to be determined according to other situations such as job seeker interviews, usually ranging from 10K to 100K.

How is the content and time of service and training arranged, and can it cover all the content required for job hunting?

The service and training of Dagongbao's job search project can basically cover more than 90% of the interview content. The basic duration of each round of job-hunting project interview preparation training is 12 weeks, and job seekers need to spend about 400-500 hours of study time, including practicing interview content, learning about the latest recruitment information, and conducting group mock interviews and other training and coaching. Each round of our interview questions training includes more than 105 hours of algorithm training, more than 56 hours of algorithm strengthening, about 45 hours of Java, OOD, and System training, about 30 hours of OOD, about 30 hours of System Design, 30 hours A round of project projects, about 18 hours of interviews with major companies (including behavior questions), about 48 hours of Java basic data structure sparring, mock interview, resume modification, communication with HR, and talk about package and other project content

What if I still don't get the ideal OFFER after a round of project training

Our project adheres to the feature of "pay once, valid for life", job seekers can go to the next round after one round, and so on, until they get the offer that job seekers like. The training time of Big Bow is 3 months, and job seekers can learn unlimited times until they get the most satisfactory offer from the first-tier technology company (small and medium-sized companies are not counted). The average length of study for our students is 6 months, and the salary for the first year of employment usually ranges from 165K to 235K

How to verify the authenticity of the offer list and the validity of the service?

Friendly reminder to all students who want to sign up for training courses to get job offers, and carefully verify the offer list. Specific verification method: Are the number of offers on the list equal to the actual number of recruits? Check the offer list during the epidemic, and check with linkedin to see if you started work that month? Whether the people on the Offer list have a strong background, such as CS major, undergraduate 985 211 schools, and many years of work experience

How do you view the difference between a big bow and a training institution?

First of all, Dagong is not a simple training class, but a job search consulting and guidance service agency with a lifetime package offer. In order to ensure the quality and strive for better offers, Dagong limits the number of new customers to 10 per month (adjusted according to the number of offers received), and 70% of our new customers are introduced by word of mouth from old customers. Biggong has a strong ratio of mentors to job seekers, and job seekers enjoy VIP-level consulting and counseling. And our fee is based on the size of the job seeker's own offer. The job seeker needs to pay the fee after joining the job, and we will permanently provide the opportunity to rework. Secondly, we provide zero-based transcoding assistance, and strive to make the dream of all job seekers who want to become software engineers come true. Among Dagong's customer groups, a considerable number of customers face problems such as poor school, poor foundation, inappropriate majors, low GPA, and work experience that has nothing to do with CS. Although this part of the people needs to put in more effort (the longest learning time for zero-based students is up to a year and a half), but they persist, endure hardships, grind hard, and finally survive, and sit at the same desk as those great people to the office. After all, besides the eagle, the top of the pyramid is the snail. Furthermore, our programs are valid for life. The market is huge and there are many customers. We just want to send all our customers to the big first-tier companies and ensure that they can survive in the working environment of the first-tier companies and get promotions and salary increases. Welcome you who are extremely difficult to find a job to come to Dagong for consultation. Every step of your job search, promotion and salary increase has our footprints